Friendly Muscles


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released March 1, 2010

recorded by Steve Roche @ Permanent Hearing Damage



all rights reserved


CANNONS Philadelphia

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Track Name: I have a Strategy to Produce a Superlog
its been that way since 1985
just put a clock in it and everything is fine
that way we'll always be aware of the time

they canceled nascar to save some lives
all those left turns, they can't make a right
under roll-cage, we pick a fight
all those left turns, can't make a right

dear fellow motorist;
how did it come to this?
you're like a terrorist
armed with selfishness
Track Name: Buddy System Style
what can you say
about how people behave
would you stand up and say it's not fair?

don't get me wrong,
i think the system is flawed-
but we should all shoulder the blame

you're not privy
to our party's policy
to always triumph over adversity
and never sacrifice a fucking thing

it's not my responsibility
to monitor our core beliefs
just track the changes on a spreadsheet
Track Name: In Times of Crisis, People Direct Traffic
we lack the details to survive
like eating right and exercise
you've been advised
but have the power to decide

i'm a first time caller
but a long time listener
i really love your show
Track Name: White Bronco Trial
i gotta be on time
awake at 7, at work by 9
there's a traffic jam on 95
i gotta be on time

you made it painfully
obvious to see
where you want to be
...and it's not here

i believe in conspiracies
but the moon landing-
is not a crock of shit

how can we
transcend mediocrity
and effectively escape
this fucking ringtone factory?
Track Name: Say it with Cupcakes
i'm waiting for my johnny-come-lately
i'm stuck in a rut
my blog's been a little complainy
my fans are giving up

we walked to school in the rain
no shoes- uphill both ways
and still we make the claim
these kids don't know how it is today
Track Name: The New Order Ain't Worth A Quarter
*{hail to grenades
we are finally saved

thanks for the guns
and when the time comes
we can celebrate freedom the american way

those bureaucrats just sit on their ass
making up rules and taxing our pay}

*{} denotes sarcasm
Track Name: Nature's Scarf
let's wear our shiny shirts
and take a cab downtown
i'm the ladies man
who never puts the seat down
who are you?
you're a fucking clown
and i'm the ladies man
who doesn't put the seat down

you sure got all dressed up
to go and puke in the street
girl, your skirt's so high
nobody can compete
just to go home with some deadbeat
you sure got all dressed up
to go and puke in the street

we're all in this together
and we have to do better than this
turn off your tv countdowns
and listen to a scientist
Track Name: Good Morning! Let the Stress Begin...
the kids like the dance beats
with the broken hearts
the girls like to dance to those beats
with the broken boys

let's make a mess
let's make amends

why hate the player
when you can hate the game
we all pay for information
but don't receive the same
write a letter to congress
tell them that you're lame
we all pay for information
but don't receive the same
Track Name: Only You Can Prevent What I'm Talking About
snakes need rest too
states to the rescue

take off your disguise
we all are camera shy
Track Name: Livin' Large in Chocolate Bars
we need to sympathize
with these white collar crimes
it's so hard to stand in line
on normal people time

that's what they said
not how we were meant to be led
another shovel on the dung-heap
it was clear as day in the fine print:
another log on the fire

that's what they said
not how we were meant to be led
another shovel on the dung-heap
celebrate at happy hour
another interest-bearing account

interest compounds every hour
another 60 minute account